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Your Dentist can be your best friend in helping you get a date. Seriously.


I will concede up front that I am no relationship counselor or expert on human behavior, but according to a recent survey, your dentist apparently has a lot to do with your ability to lure that man/woman of your dreams into going on a date with you. According to data from the 2012 US Census, there are about 100 million unmarried adults over 20 years old in our country, almost a third of the population of the United States. While some of these singles may already be in a relationship, and some may not be seeking a companion, it is clear that a huge chunk of our population is looking for a date. I recently came across a USA Today article from 2013 that reports the findings of a study done for According to the study, the number one most import thing both men and women judge when evaluating   a potential date is their teeth.

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Forget about that fancy car, high paying job, or anything else you’re pursuing to help you find your dream date; your smile is a much more important factor in how attractive you are. Here’s my take on the study.

  • A healthy smile gives you huge confidence: very few things can increase a person’s confidence the way a healthy, white smile can. I have seen many people enter our Orem dental office for the first time with a hand over their mouth and then leave grinning from ear to ear after completing their dental treatment. I’m always amazed at how transforming a single crown or veneer can be to a person’s entire face. Everything changes after a simple dental fix– countenance, attitude, level of friendliness, willingness to have a conversation, etc. When people perceive themselves as having attractive teeth, they are much more willing to show their true personality, which is often their “best side.”
  • Our teeth reveal a lot about us: Our mouths are a mirror of what’s going on in our lives. For instance, I can correctly guess a lot about a person just by looking in their mouth. Are you a smoker? How much value do you place on important daily habits? Do you eat healthy foods or does your diet mainly consist of junk? Do you have an eating disorder? Are you financially stable or do you have persistent money troubles? How good are you at dealing with stress? How important is physical attractiveness to you? How self-confident are you? Do you have any serious underlying diseases? Do you pay attention to details? Do you have any nervous habits? Do you care about fixing problems or do you procrastinate? Your mouth can provide huge clues to answer all of the above questions and more.
  • Smiles show our overall health: There’s probably no bigger turn-off than poor personal hygiene. Our mouths are the ultimate indicator of both our overall health and our personal hygiene habits. Just as a wise horse trader would examines a horse’s mouth before buying to determine age and overall health, our smiles show healthy we are. I’ve never met a person who flosses regularly that neglects doctor visits personal grooming, wearing deodorant, etc. Whether you believe in natural selection or not, there’s also strong evidence for the argument that we are genetically programmed to be attracted to healthy smiles.
  • Are you unhappy with your smile? We can help: Fortunately, if you don’t have the best smile, there is a lot that can be done. At Canyon Gate Dental, our goal is to help our patients achieve healthy, attractive smiles that last a lifetime. Whether you have major needs or just require some motivation and education to help you keep your teeth cleaner, we’re here to help. Give us a call today and see what a difference a healthy smile can make in your life.

Nicolas K. Young, DMD

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