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Woman with tooth pain

Causes of Toothaches

Blog Highlights Sensitive teeth happen when the enamel of your tooth begins to thin Sometimes tooth pain is not related to teeth at all Your dentist will identify the exact problem and advise the best course of treatment At some point, you will probably experience a toothache. Usually, when someone experiences a toothache, they immediately […]

Natural Ways To Cure Exposed Root

Exposed Tooth Root

Blog Highlights A tooth’s root is where the nerves of the tooth are stored An exposed tooth root is often the result of gum recession or gum disease One o the first symptoms of too root exposure is tooth sensitivity Do you feel a stab of pain when brushing your teeth or consuming hot or […]

Woman with dental pain

Are Sensitive Teeth Related to Age?

Blog Highlights Tooth sensitivity is the pain experienced when you eat or drink something cold or hot Many patients wonder if sensitive teeth correspond to one’s age Fortunately, sensitive teeth can be prevented and easily managed Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in one or more of your teeth when you’ve taken a bite […]

Woman with tooth pain

Why Does Tooth Nerve Pain Happen?

Blog Highlights Your tooth is made up of four parts: the enamel, dentin, cementum, and pulp Foods with high levels of sugar or acidity are big contributors to tooth erosion In most cases, tooth sensitivity, if caught early can be managed and treated before it advances  We’ve all felt that temporary, but excruciating, pain that […]

Man with the hiccups

Sulfur Burps

Blog Highlights Sometimes burps are caused not by air, but by the bacteria in your gut Sulfur burps are more smelly than regular burps Home treatments often involve changing your diet Burps are a common occurrence for most people. When we eat we often swallow some air. This air gets trapped in your stomach and […]

Having difficulty swallowing

Having Difficulty Swallowing?

Blog Highlights Often times the swallowing problem is caused by eating too fast or not chewing your food Swallowing happens in three stages and involves 50 pairs of muscles and various nerves It’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy so they can prepare your food for swallowing Difficulty swallowing or the feeling of […]

Acid Reflux - General and Cosmetic

Acid Reflux and Your Dental Health

Blog Highlights One of the other, lesser known effects of GERD is tooth decay GERD causes stomach acids to travel up the esophagus and into the mouth Changing your diet and taking certain medications will hopefully keep your GERD under control Gastroesophageal acid reflux disease (GERD) can wreak havoc on your oral health. Patients who […]

What to know about acid reflux in child

Acid Reflux In Children

Blog Highlights It’s important to notice the signs of acid reflux in children and take preventative measures  Some dentists may recommend fluoridated water to protect your child’s teeth throughout the day With acid reflux it’s important to reduce the amount of sugary foods that your child consumes Have your child’s teeth started to decay despite […]