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Group smoking a hookak

The Oral Risks of Hookahs and Shisha Pipes

It’s no secret that smoking can be incredibly detrimental to the health of your teeth, and the more that you smoke – the worse the condition of your teeth will get. It’s not just the discoloration to consider either, in fact gum disease, tooth decay and general enamel deterioration has been linked to smoking; so […]

Clean Tongue for Fresher Breath

Treating Bad Breath with Tongue Scrapers

Bad breath can occur for any number of reasons. From poor oral hygiene, tooth decay and enamel breakdown, all the way to bacterial growth and gum disease – it’s never been more important to look after your mouth. Our Provo dentists recommend that that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss […]

Tooth repair dental health medical concept with a large cavity being erased by a pencil eraser as a metaphor for dentist services to fix damaged teeth problems.

Goodbye Dental Fillings? Not So Fast

The results of a seven-year study on cavity treatment methods were just published by the University of Sydney in Australia. Headlines such as the following are now flooding the internet as different media outlets report the findings of the study: “Goodbye to dental fillings? ‘No-drill’ techniques can treat tooth decay just as well, study finds” […]

Teeth Whitening

Everything you Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

Having a clean and fresh smile is a surefire way to feel more confident, and while brushing and flossing everyday will help to keep your teeth healthy; these good oral hygiene practices are not always enough to keep teeth looking white. When it comes to getting that all important winning smile, nothing is more useful […]

Groundhog Day Movie Poster

Man Experiences “Groundhog Day” Symptoms After Dental Visit

Most of the stuff I share on this blog is pertinent to the field of dentistry, but once in a while I like to share stories I come across that are only mildly related to dentistry, but highly entertaining to me. This one is in that category. It comes from a story that broke back […]

Smiling woman

Scaling and Root Planing to Treat Gum Disease

When your teeth are in need of a deep clean, your dentist may advise a session of scaling and root planing. While it may sound technical and invasive, this is a non-surgical procedure that removes dental plaque from both above and below the gumline, and it is mainly used as a preventative treatment for gum […]

Handful of medicine bottles

Misuse of Prescription Drugs from the Dentist

Prescription drugs are fast becoming one of the most prolific killers of modern day society. Everyday men and women are prescribed narcotic analgesics to relieve the pain felt after dental surgery, and as a result, the misuse of prescription drugs from the dentist is on the rise. The illegal use of modern painkillers such as […]

tongue piercing

Medical Consequences Oral Piercing

For centuries, men and women have used body piercing as a way to express a sense of self and while body modification may be a unique interpretation of style for some, the medical consequences for oral piercings are often overlooked. From tongue studs to splitting, the positioning of the handiwork and outside contaminations like hepatitis […]