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A Few Facts About Numbing Shots

Although topped by public speaking, heights, bugs, snakes, and drowning, one of the top fears Americans have is a common item found in a dental office: the needle. I can assure you that nobody likes shots—including dentists who give them—but we should all be immensely grateful for them. Here are a few facts about the […]

Taking Care of Your Teeth When You Have the Flu

By now it’s no surprise; the 2014-2015 flu season is a bad one. Adults 65 and over, children younger than 5, and those with immune system-compromising medical conditions are especially at risk. Add to all this the fact that this season’s flu vaccine is especially ineffective (the virus mutated to a virulent strain of H3N2 […]

The Oil Pulling Hype

Recently I’ve seen a lot of blog buzz and Facebook chat centered on something called “Oil Pulling.”   Patients ask me about essential oil products and holistic care techniques for teeth from time to time and I thought I’d address this latest craze. What is Oil Pulling? Oil Pulling is a component of Ayuverdic Medicine, which […]

When Should I Replace My Old Toothbrush?

Brushing your teeth frequently is important in maintaining a healthy smile. That bright, white smile will not last long, however, if you don’t take care of your toothbrush. The most important thing about toothbrush maintenance is changing out the old one for a new one when the time is appropriate. But how do you know […]

The Most Fearsome Dentist Ever

Not a day goes by without someone telling me how afraid they are of needles, extractions, and root canals, so I am very aware that assigning the title “Most Fearsome Dentist Ever” is no small thing. Meet John Henry “Doc” Holliday, a man who fully lives up to the accolade. Most recognized by his friendship […]

Late Night Snacking and Oral Health

In the 1984 Spielberg-produced cult classic Gremlins, a man purchases a strange pet called a Mogwai to give his teenage son for Christmas. The pet comes with three specific instructions: never expose it to bright light, never get it wet, and most importantly, no matter how much it cries or begs, never ever feed it […]

Use a Mouth Guard to Prevent Teeth Grinding

While many dental problems are quite obvious to patients (e.g. a cavity can be easily seen on an x-ray, an abscessed tooth is generally quite unpleasant, etc.) there is one common condition that can be extremely damaging which often goes undiagnosed and undetected for years: teeth grinding. The severity of teeth grinding can range from […]

Early Childhood Cavities in Orem, Utah

One of the saddest things I see in the dental office is very young kids, even infants with brand new teeth, who have severe decay problems. Almost without exception, this is caused by parents improperly using bottles at bedtime or naptime with their children and not practicing good dental hygiene habits with them. This condition […]