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Bonding is the placement of tooth-colored filling materials to repair decayed, chipped, fractured, or discolored teeth.  On front teeth, bonding is often done for cosmetic purposes to close spaces, change the shape of teeth, and mask stains.  Unlike veneers or crowns, bonding is done in a single visit, and does not require waiting time for crowns or veneers to be made.  Bonding is the name of the procedure when composite resin (tooth-colored filling materials) is adhered to the tooth.

Advantages of Bonding

Bonding is the quickest and least expensive cosmetic dental procedure.  Although it is not ideal for all situations, it can be a very excellent way to achieve desired cosmetic results.  When front teeth have staining, cracking, tilting or excessive spacing, bonding can be a good way of achieving good aesthetic results.  Bonding is also a very economical solution to cosmetic issues, costing far less than crowns or veneers.  In situations where decay is not present, bonding can also usually be done without anesthetic.

Limitations of Bonding

Although bonding can achieve excellent results, it is not right for all situations.  Bonding is not nearly as strong as crowns and veneers.  Patients also need to be careful to brush and floss regularly to avoid staining and cavities on bonded teeth; dentil bondings will not last long for patients who do not have great teeth cleaning habits.  Bondings are also limited in their use for patients who grind or clench their teeth.  The composite resin materials used to restore chipped front teeth due do grinding or clenching are no match for the high forces applied to teeth in such situations.  In these cases, crowns and protective devices such as night guards may be needed achieve long-lasting results.

Come See If Bonding Is Right For You

If you have chipped, discolored teeth, or would like to change the appearance of teeth due to tilting, shaping, or spacing, come see if bonding is right for you.  We will conduct a thorough examination and discuss all possible treatment options.  Even if crowns or veneers are the ideal treatment option for your case, bondings can sometimes be a good “temporary” alternative to make your teeth look great for a few years until you are ready to pursue better options.  Bondings are also an excellent “cosmetic emergency” procedure; many times we have been able to help brides on the morning of their wedding or kids on picture day after they have chipped a front tooth.  If you have questions about bonding, call us today.