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Sparkling Water
Blog Highlights Sparkling water is in fact a great, healthy alternative to sugary sodas and drinks Citrus-flavored waters will naturally have a higher acidity level If you choose to drink sparkling water, it’s best to avoid brands with added sugar Acid is one of the key contributors to tooth enamel erosion. In the past it...
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Tongue Burn
Blog Highlights If you happen to burn your mouth with too hot or spicy food, there are several things you can do There are three types of mouth burns  If your burn doesn’t heal on its own, you should make an appointment to see your dentist We’ve all done it: impatiently bitten into a steaming...
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Affordable Same Day Dental Bridges
Blog Highlights A dental bridge is made up of two major components The cost of dental bridges varies depending on the type of bridge you require It’s important that you take proper care of your dental bridge It can be challenging to eat and speak when you’re missing a tooth. If you’re missing a permanent...
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Root Canal Specialist
Blog Highlights When the pulp becomes inflamed, it can lead to sensitivity, tenderness and throbbing pain If the pulp is not treated and bacteria infects the tooth, you could experience tooth damage  Root canal therapy is what you need in order to save the tooth Teeth are made up of several layers. Under the hard...
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What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like
Blog Highlights There are somethings that can put you at a higher risk of developing mouth cancer  Signs of mouth cancer include mouth sores that won’t go away If your dentist identifies unusual tissue in your mouth, they will conduct a biopsy The National Institute of Health claims that 2.9 percent of cancers involve the...
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oral mucositis | My Cancer Journey
Blog Highlights The use of tobacco and some other factors cause nearly half of all the cancers worldwide It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to educate your children from an early age Various cancer treatments can affect oral tissues Did you know that 1,660,290 oral cancer cases are diagnosed each year in the...
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What Are The Complications of Local Anesthetics
Blog Highlights There are different types of local anesthetics  It may be scary to think about getting an injection of an anesthetic, but try not to worry too much For extreme cases of anxious patients, dentists can use a general anesthetic It’s very common for local anesthetics to be used during dental treatments. The local...
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FDA warns teething medicin
Blog Highlights If your child is teething, they are likely in pain. As a concerned parent, your first response may be to reach for an over-the-counter pain reliever. Benzocaine is a common ingredient in pain relievers marketed to help relieve children’s teeth pain. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently warned parents...
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