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Dental Treatment
What Are The Complications of Local Anesthetics
Blog Highlights There are different types of local anesthetics  It may be scary to think about getting an injection of an anesthetic, but try not to worry too much For extreme cases of anxious patients, dentists can use a general anesthetic It’s very common for local anesthetics to be used during dental treatments. The local...
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FDA warns teething medicin
Blog Highlights If your child is teething, they are likely in pain. As a concerned parent, your first response may be to reach for an over-the-counter pain reliever. Benzocaine is a common ingredient in pain relievers marketed to help relieve children’s teeth pain. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently warned parents...
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Woman with tooth pain
Blog Highlights When the weather gets cold, the dentin under your enamel may expand and contract When the dentin is exposed, you will feel the cold more than usual Your dentist will identify the problem and determine the best course of treatment Do your teeth feel sore or sensitive when the weather gets chilly? If...
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Illustration of Dental Crown
Blog Highlights Since crowns are made of synthetic material it is impossible for them to get cavities Getting a crown does not need to be a long, drawn out experience It’s important to keep your crown and the remaining exposed tooth clean Crowns are used to fix teeth that have been broken, cracked, or are...
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Local Anesthesia
Blog Highlights Longer-lasting and better-working drugs, such as Lidocaine, have replaced Novocain When the drug is injected there are a few other ingredients included in the shot Side effects from local anesthesia are fairly uncommon Local anesthesia is used when the dentist needs to numb a certain section or small area of your mouth. It...
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Pitcher of Milk
Blog Highlights Caring for your baby’s oral health should be a priority from they day their born In general, children of all ages benefit from a diet that includes calcium-rich foods Some adults may benefit from more calcium One of the best ways to maintain strong teeth is to eat a healthy diet. Dairy foods...
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I Have A Root Canal
Blog Highlights Often when we hear the phrase “root canal” we immediately cringe  Root canal therapy is a dental treatment that involves removing infected pulp from a tooth In order to prevent root canals, it’s imperative that you practice good oral hygiene Back in 2005, there was a dentist who decided that root canals were...
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Dental prosthetics
Blog Highlights The life span of prosthodontics depends on the type of prosthetic Crowns and bridges last depending on the strength of the teeth they are attached to As with your regular teeth, prosthodontics will last as long as you take proper care of them Prosthodontics or dental prosthetics are artificial replacements for teeth and...
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