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Treating TMJ

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  • To determine the best method of treatment for your TMJ, it's best to speak with your dentist
  • Some common causes are high levels of stress and teeth grinding
  • In extreme cases, you may need to undergo jaw joint surgery
TMJ pain can range from slight discomfort to excruciating pain. Unfortunately, there isn't one...
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  • Most pain in the jaw is referred to as TMJ jaw disorder
  • Unfortunately, scientists have yet to pinpoint the exact cause of TMJ jaw
  • In some cases, TMJ jaw can become chronic
Eating and speaking are two activities we do everyday without thinking. These functions are  made possible by the temporomandibular joint of...
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Is Tooth Recession a Thing?

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  • Gum recession can lead to tooth pain which may be one reason for the misleading name
  • Your dentist can easily identify if you're suffering from gum disease
  • It's important to maintain a healthy oral regime at home to help prevent gum recession
No, but gum recession or receding gums are very real. Gum...
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Home Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

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  • If you start to experience sensitivity in your teeth, you should speak with your dentist
  • Certain types of foods can actually help remineralize the enamel of your teeth
  • The main cause of tooth sensitivity is exposed nerves
It's important to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid dental issues such as sensitive teeth. If you...
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Sensitive Gums and Sensitive Teeth

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  • Gum sensitivity is often caused by gingivitis
  • Tooth sensitivity can be uncomfortable and make day-to-day life miserable
  • Catching and treating tooth and gum sensitivity early can save you a lot of trouble in the future
Sensitive gums and sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable. It's important to understand the differences between sensitive gums...
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Dental Implants

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  • Dental implants are metal rods set into your jawbone under the gums
  • Installing dental implants is a surgical procedure and not suitable for every patient
  • Dental implants are often more expensive than other types of replacement teeth
If you need a replacement tooth here or there, your dentist will likely recommend dental implants....
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New Dentures

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  • It may take time to fully adjust to your new dentures
  • It will take time to get used to eating regularly
  • You may have some trouble pronouncing certain words
Dentures are very useful if you've lost all of your teeth. They allow you to eat and speak normally and give you back your beautiful...
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Dentures: What Are They Made OF?

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  • Dentures are made up of two components- the teeth and the frame
  • Most patients will need to replace their acrylic dentures every five to eight years
  • In order to ensure a long life for your dentures, it's important to take care of them
In the past, it was common for dentists to use...
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