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Pediatric Dentistry
What to know about acid reflux in child
Blog Highlights It’s important to notice the signs of acid reflux in children and take preventative measures  Some dentists may recommend fluoridated water to protect your child’s teeth throughout the day With acid reflux it’s important to reduce the amount of sugary foods that your child consumes Have your child’s teeth started to decay despite...
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Blog Highlights A new study has shown that there may be more similarities than originally thought The foundation has been set for further studies, which will examine diet and cultural factors We still have much to learn about it, we do know that it is important to maintain a healthy mouth In the past, it...
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Are Raisins Good
Blog Highlights There are chemicals called phytochemicals in raisins that help fight the bacteria The study served as a reminder that not all sticky foods cause tooth decay In fact, the main cause of tooth decay and cavities is added sugar, such as sucrose If you’re looking for a sweet, but healthy snack, grab a...
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Cup of Soda
Blog Highlights Sodas are compromising for teeth for two main reasons Some research has shown that non-colas cause more erosion than colas A report suggests that root beer products may be a safer soda for your teeth It is a well-known fact that drinking sodas on a regular basis causes dental erosion. Overtime, dental erosion...
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Basket of vegetables
Blog Highlights Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent oral problems patients face It’s important to monitor your sugar intake Patients with poor diets that lack certain nutrients may experience frequent mouth infections Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent oral problems patients face. Tooth decay is directly related to your food choices...
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Healthy Eating Means..
Blog Highlights • Dentists are no longer the only group of professionals concerned with nutrition and oral health • Unhealthy foods can lead to serious issues, such as cavities and gum disease • It’s important to eat a healthy diet for your general health and your oral health Did you know that poor nutrition can...
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Beautiful smile
Blog Highlights Once your teeth are whitened, consider avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks Throughout the day, rinse your mouth with water after drinking coffee, tea, or sodas Professional cleanings easily remove surface stains and reduce discoloration Getting your teeth whitened is easy. Keeping them white and maintaining their brightness is where the real work begins....
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Marijuana use linked
Blog Highlights Those who smoke cannabis regularly are far more likely to develop gum disease Periodontitis often leads to very uncomfortable and costly problems as it progresses and as you age Speak to your dentist immediately if you suspect you’re developing periodontitis Marijuana may have some health benefits for certain people suffering from certain diseases,...
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