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10 Habits that you Should Avoid for your Teeth’s Health

Blog Highlights:
  • You should only use a toothbrush with soft bristles as a hard-bristled toothbrush can cause abrasions on your gums
  • Brushing too hard and too often can wear down your teeth’s enamel and it can also damage your gums
  • Nail biting is a habit that puts parfunctional bite forces on the surface of your...
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Important Facts About Your Saliva

Blog Highlights:
  • Saliva is very important for your oral health
  • Saliva has many similar properties to blood
  • It can help protect both hard and soft tissues within your mouth
  • The reduced flow of saliva can lead to tooth decay and to oral infections
  • Saliva contains substances that help you digest food, protect your mouth from...
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Basic Information about Root Canal Treatments

Blog Highlights:
  • A root canal treatment is done when the pulp of your tooth gets inflamed or infected
  • It is done by removing the soft tissue within your tooth and by cleaning and resealing it afterwards
  • If a root canal is not done on time, the pain and swelling can increase
  • A tooth that has...
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What is Periodontics?

Blog Highlights:
  • Periodontics specializes in treating inflammatory diseases that affect the gums and other supporting structures around your teeth
  • Periodontists can provide you with the latest diagnostic techniques and treatments for different periodontal diseases
  • Periodontists can help treat mild gingivitis, they can perform surgical procedures, and they can also help you get dental implants

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How Some Dental Devices can affect your Pacemakers

Blog Highlights:
  • Pacemakers are used to help maintain the function and rhythm of the heart
  • Some ultrasonic dental tools and devices can interfere with these implantable cardiac devices
  • Some ultrasonic dental devices can cause irregular heartbeat How Some Dental Devices can affect your Pacemakers on patients that have pacemakers or implantable defibrillators
  • Letting your dentist...
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Need to Know Facts about your Oral Health

Blog Highlights:
  • Our oral health is very important from the day we are born, until the day we die
  • The mouth is the gateway to the health of our body
  • As much as 100 million Americans fail to see their dentists each year
  • Having regular dental checkups is the best way for you to preserve...
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A Closer Look at Orthodontics

Blog Highlights:
  • Orthodontics is all about diagnosing, preventing, and treating bad bites.
  • Orthodontists use appliances like braces and aligners to help guide your teeth towards the right position.
  • Orthodontists can help children, teenagers, and adults when it comes to fixing misaligned teeth or treating maturational changes in their teeth.
Dentofacial orthopedics is a branch of dentistry...
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