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Do You Have a Cracked Molar?

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  • Molars are especially prone to cracks and fractures
  • A cracked molar can be extremely painful or it may result in little to no pain
  • If your dentist determines that the crack is serious, you will need to get treatment
Molars are especially prone to cracks and fractures due to their function and position in...
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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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  • Cracked tooth syndrome is a tricky dental issue to diagnose
  • Cracked tooth syndrome can be caused by a number of things
  • Symptoms often persist for months before a diagnosis is reached
Cracked tooth syndrome is a tricky dental issue to diagnose. Cracked tooth syndrome is when your tooth cracks, but the crack is...
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  • Dentures are custom-made removable teeth
  • There are three types of dentures
  • It is important to take care of your dentures
If you've lost your natural teeth due to an accident or age, it might be time to look into dentures. Dentures are custom-made removable teeth. They are built to fit your mouth and replace...
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Oral Health and Loneliness

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  • Poor oral health can lead to many disadvantages for older patients including loneliness
  • Oral health and hygiene is incredibly important
  • Ask your dentist today about how to maintain proper oral hygiene
In today's society, when holistic medicine or treating the whole person is becoming more and more popular, it is worth noting that oral...
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Are you prone to Cavities

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  • Some people maintain the proper oral hygiene practices daily yet they still suffer from cavities a lot
  • Tooth decay comes as a result of a combination of different factors in order to progress
  • Without saliva, your mouth can become a breeding ground for bacteria
  • What you eat and drink has a profound impact on the condition of...
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