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Teeth Whitening

Few things are as satisfying and confidence-building as a bright, beautiful smile.  Many people are satisfied with the white, clean feel and look they experience after a dental cleaning by our excellent hygienists, but if you want to go above and beyond this to make your smile even whiter,  we offer several whitening products and techniques to give your smile an extra sparkle.

How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

Start by speaking with your hygienist at Canyon Gate Dental.  They can give you suggestions on which whitening procedures will be most effective for you.  Some types of stain do not whiten as well as others.  In general, yellow stains whiten very well, and brown stains are a bit more difficult to remove.  Gray stains (such as tetracycline stains from taking such antibiotics during childhood) are the most difficult to remove.  If you have restorations on your front teeth, keep in mind that only teeth change color with whitening procedures, not fillings, veneers, or crowns.  Sometimes it may be necessary to replace front teeth dental work if it does not match your bright new smile.

Take Home Trays

One of the best ways to whiten teeth is by using whitening trays that we make in the dental office.  The trays are customized to your teeth to prevent excess whitening gel from hurting your gums.  Depending on the desired results and the level of staining you have on your teeth, a customized whitening regimen is created to help you get great results.  For most people, whitening gel is applied for 30 minutes each day for two to three weeks.  For most people, take home trays are a great whitening method that achieves excellent results with minimal sensitivity.

Over-the Counter Whitening Products

Be wary of any “whitening” products purchased at a grocery or drug store.  Although many toothpastes, mouthwashes, and even toothbrushes claim to be “whitening” products, the marketing is very misleading.  “Whitening” toothbrushes are simply electric brushes that remain on for 30 seconds longer, thereby theoretically removing more stain.  “Whitening” pastes and rinses contain more abrasive ingredients that scrub a little more effectively than normal pastes.  None of these products, however, intrinsically changes the color of your teeth—they just remove surface stains.  From our experience with over-the-counter products, only Crest White Strips show any appreciable results.  For real whitening, we recommend either take home trays or in-office products.