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6 Ways to have the brightest smile this festive season

Christmas Candles

As the festive season is well on our doorsteps, we all know how many sweets and treats we’ll be enjoying. While there’s no harm in that, it’s still important to keep your dental hygiene in mind during this joyful time. We are a dentistry in Orem, Utah, that aims to ensure your teeth are just as happy as you throughout the holidays. We have some helpful tips on how to keep your smile looking fresh and bright this festive season.

Use smile-friendly stuffers for your Christmas socks

Chances are you were considering stuffing your Christmas stocks with a boatload of candy. According to The National Confectioners Association, 77% of people use candy as Christmas gifts. But have you ever considered chocolate? Chocolate washes off your teeth easier than candies do, which makes them less harmful for your teeth. While everyone loves candy, they’ll appreciate delicious chocolate just as much.

Enjoy a Christmas carol while you brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth for 2-3 minutes is the recommended way, make this easier by putting a carol on that runs for that length. You can brush your teeth while the Christmas carol plays, and when it comes to an end, you know you’ve taken care of your teeth properly. This method is a fun way to get the entire family to practice good oral hygiene. If you do the same while you floss, without question, you’ll make Santa’s nice list.

Refrain from using your teeth to open gifts

When the pair of kitchen scissors are M.I.A, we usually use our teeth to open gifts. Doing this can be very harmful to your teeth, as they aren’t made for the same purposes as scissors. If you use your teeth as scissors, you run the risk of a cracked tooth, severely injuring your jaw, or swallowing something that doesn’t belong in your tummy. It may seem like more effort, but use something else to open stubborn knots instead. Your teeth will thank you.

Have your teeth look pearly white in less than 30 seconds

Thanks to the power of makeup, you can quickly get a pearly white smile for your Christmas photos in 30 seconds or fewer. To achieve this, use red or pink lipstick that has a blue undertone. These colors will make your teeth appear much brighter and whiter than usual.

Continue to practice your routine

The festive season can be manic, and we often forget to stick to our oral hygiene regimes because of this. Don’t slack on your oral hygiene routine and wait for the New Year to get started again. Your teeth are important, and the more you take care of them, the better they will be. If you had a dentist appointment scheduled this festive, don’t skip it. Continue to brush your teeth twice a day between 2-3 minutes and floss whenever you get the chance.

Give your guests bright smiles too

If you’ve invited family or friends over for the festive season, make it possible for them to have bright, white smiles too! You can welcome your guests with small, personalized packages, including teeth-friendly treats and Christmas cards. Include soft-bristle toothbrushes along with toothpaste and minty fresh floss to encourage your guests to practice good oral hygiene too!

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