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How to Manage Dental Anxiety?

Fear of Dentists

Many people get nervous about the idea of visiting dentists, and it is completely normal to be nervous. Most times, it is the uncertainty of what the dentist might discover that troubles people.

Whatever be the reason, do not let this fear get the best of you. Delaying your dentists’ visit will only make the situation grave. That is why it is necessary to visit your Orem dentists regularly. Still, if you develop anxiety, try the following strategies, and the next visit will be very normal.

Talk to your dentists about your issues

Even in normal situations, whenever you are feeling stressed, talking to someone helps. In the same way, when you are at your dentist’s clinic, talk to them about your anxiety. Knowing your condition will help your dentist treat you better.

When you call to book an appointment, inform them about your condition and remind them once again when you arrive at the clinic. This stress can be related to some of your previous conditions, share your experience, and you might receive some advice on coping mechanisms.

Do not hesitate to Ask Questions

Sometimes it is the fear of the unknown that causes stress. That is why it is very important to ask questions about what is going to happen next. It can eliminate the fear of the unknown, eventually reducing stress and anxiety. While you discuss your queries, do agree on a signal, like a hand raise whenever you feel discomfort.


Do not Hide Your Pain

If you experience pain no need to hide it. Some patients are embarrassed to show their pain and continue tolerating it without any say. Announce your pain at the first kick, because these days procedures are not supposed to be painful. Even if it is mild pain, make sure you inform your dentist.

Distract yourself 

When you visit your dentist, make sure you bring your headphones with you. It can encounter the sound of drills. Some dentists can also ease your mind by playing DVDs and television. You can also take help of squeezing ball as it will help you distress

Apply mindfulness techniques

Try a quick breathing exercise before you go into the treatment. Count your breath and repeat it five times with the repetition of 10 breaths. You can also try a full-body scan and concentrate on each body part while deep breathing. This helps in releasing tension from a specific body part. In this case, it will be your mind.  

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