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December 2017
Cute kid in dentist clinic
Blog Highlights Before taking your child to their next appointment, pay a visit to the potential dentists The more distractions in the waiting room, the better Pediatric dentists are those who are specially trained to work with children It doesn’t have to be a chore to get your kids to go to the dentist. If...
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Happy Child at the Dentist
Blog Highlights Some children may experience anxiety before or during their dental appointments Make sure your child knows exactly what’s going to happen It’s important for children to develop good oral care habits at an early age Some children may experience anxiety before or during their dental appointments. This is common for children who are...
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Front view of boy wearing braces
Blog Highlights Though braces can be painful or uncomfortable at times, the pain is often not extreme Most orthodontists recommend simple over-the-counter pain killers For the duration of your treatment, you may experience pressure and tenderness If you are considering getting braces, you may be wondering if they will be painful.  Braces can be painful...
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Blog Highlights When considering orthodontic treatment it’s recommended that you do some research Speak openly with your orthodontist The length of treatment often varies by patient It’s recommended that you visit your dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings. Your dentist monitors your overall oral health including the state of your...
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Gum Disease
Blog Highlights Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums Moderate to sever periodontal disease is more common in people over the age of 65 If you suspect you have periodontal disease, visit your dentist immediately According to the Journal of Dental Research one out of every two adults over the age of 30 has...
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Best Heart Disease
Blog Highlights Doctors and dentists recommend postponing any dental treatment until at least six months after your heart attack In some cases, patients may need to have their teeth treated in a more controlled hospital setting Mixing medications can lead to undesirable and potentially dangerous results Research has shown that oral health and cardiovascular disease...
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Heart and Mouth Connection:
Blog Highlights Your dentist will need to take some extra precautions when treating you Antibiotics before dental treatments are recommended for people who have endocarditis For less invasive procedures, antibiotics are not required even if you suffer from a heart issue Recent studies have found that heart issues and oral health are closely related. If...
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Heart Illustration
Blog Highlights Some oral diseases or issues can put patients at a higher risk of developing other medical issues and vice versa Your dentist should be informed of all medical problems you suffer from People who have periodontal disease are more likely to experience coronary artery disease Over the years, studies have shown that there...
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